Gold and Silver – How do you buy gold and silver?

The Buy Gold Singapore is not very intensive and extensive in its supply of bullion or gold or silver coins, and except for some commemorative ones ($50 gold and $100 silver and $2000 commemorative silver) there is not much access to precious metals in their physical form.
Before buying precious metals it is necessary to establish that the reference value is the Spot market price, and against this value of one ounce or gram these coins or ingots must be compared. Coins that have or are sold for historical or numismatic value are generally not recommended given the relative quality of their value.

The most liquid market for gold is that of the $50 and $100 peso coins that can be found in the exchange houses in downtown Santiago, even though today it seems that they are sold out and the price is much higher than the spot price of the gold market, it is a very liquid market, and the spread between buying and selling is usually reduced. In addition, it is an informal market so no VAT is charged on most transactions.

Another way to access gold (despite its intermittent nature) is through auctions by the DICREP (General Directorate of Pledge Credit). The advantage is the certainty of the value of what you are buying due to the official appraisers, and the price you can access which are even lower than the spot prices (you should consider that most of the jewels are 18 carats being pure gold 24, i.e. the jewels are 75% gold, and in general they are auctioned off at a price close to 12,000 pesos per gram).
The alternatives for silver, generally it can be bought as an input for jewelry stores (10 grs sheets), even though its value is much higher than the spot in this case, as well as jewelry.

Abroad it’s full of alternatives, if you’re traveling from abroad, you can carry up to 10,000 USD in bullion or silver coins without having to declare them (anyway check this out before making purchases abroad, these rules are subject to change). In the case of importing them via boxes (in Miami for example), it is necessary to consider the costs of transportation plus the cost of VAT and specific customs (30% on the value in the country of origin app) and also that there is a limit of 2000 USD of the product to bring (on these values you must do it through a customs agent).

To make purchases abroad it is necessary to investigate the reputation of the dealers, and the type of currency or ingot (bullion) to buy. The most recognized are the American Silver Eagles (coins) with a standard of 99.9% purity in its 1 OZ format, in the case of silver and the Golden Eagles in the case of gold (99.99%) of purity which are the investment grades. Some reputable dealers are APMEX and Northwestern mint, however it is essential that you make your own evaluations. In most of them you will be required to make a bank transfer via Swift, so you have to request this information from the company that sells before starting the business with them.

Sending a bank swift costs between 50 and 100 USD depending on your bank. There is the alternative of importing silver and gold from countries with TLC´s without paying VAT, but a bipartite procedure must be carried out between the embassy of the country from which you are going to bring the bullion (e.g. Canada) and a lawyer who has to certify that the products originate from the country.
I hope that the data will help you to start your portfolio diversification with precious metals, which are always a security against the current uncertainty of the world economy.

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