Well-Being and Mental Health

I am lucky to satisfy some incredibly intriguing people on my trip as a teacher/student and as a therapist/client. My time with these people is a useful part of my trip. Not only am I able to give but once more I am discovering a lot, confirming that which I currently understand at the depths of my being.

They claim there is a great line that divides chaos from brilliant. As we want to exceed that fine line we discover that resourceful and genuine element of one-self. As we project this outside all things end up being feasible.

I believe that beyond every psychological disorder is a greater order of knowledge waiting to be taken advantage of. It is the God or excellence within us all.

I wonder if the number of individuals detected with ‘mental disorders’ have actually tipped over that line and also communicating with our higher Universal knowledge. Or, maybe, having already tipped far from their real feeling of God or good they are currently looking for their method house again? What if a lot of those people who did cross over that line might not integrate with their Greater self; this suggests bringing both the spiritual realm and also the real world together as one globe, and running from this greater level of awareness while maintaining both feet on the ground.

Typically it is the anxiety of what we don’t recognize that drives us into ‘thinking’ we are mad or right into ‘thinking’ there is something wrong with us. As we end up being afraid of this foreign, irregular, and also irrational method of believing we step back over the line as well as back right into the supposed regular globe. Instead of following our imaginative psychic power, we evaluate it as being wrong and also as if we are deluding ourselves due to the fact that it is so different from that which we have been brought up to believe.

Our higher ‘ self-talk’ which is God (or whatever before you want to call it) and also which is all good, is our natural self-idea based on the structures of love and also originates from our heart and soul.

Our lower ‘self-talk’ comes from our formed self-belief. It is based on our past experiences, discoveries as well as generations of hand-me-downs. The high quality of those synthetic beliefs will certainly establish the top quality or the state of our mind and also the quality of the life we lead. As we listen to the voices of our formed ‘self-talk’ we might well be identifying with everyone else’s ideas and opinions concerning what’s feasible. As we take them aboard as our very own, they become our way of thinking, feeling believing, and acting.

Commonly they have actually been given generation after generation after generation; often methods past their use by date, broken as well as no more fit. When they are ingrained we will continue to run around in circles, heading out of our mind trying to make them fit, and asking ourselves why we are getting nowhere. Life becomes a reflection of the limiting ideas we hold about ourselves and what others hold regarding us. Visit their page where you will find lots of great information on how to improve focus.

As we avert from the voice of our greater consciousness we are bewildered with the reduced ‘self-talk’ of our man-made ideas and we live each day as a slave to those voices in our head believing that they are genuine and also this is that we are.

What happens if we think again? What happens if, when we believe we are shedding our mind, we are? What if we are losing the harmful link with our lower self-talk and tapping into or going back to the greater mind of God’s Consciousness or the Hu that makes us all human? What happens if, as we reconnect we get to live paradise in the world, as it was implied to be; with heaven just being a great or a Godly mindset?